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Foreign Investment Policy Sectorial Caps

FDI - Sector-wise regulation in Foreign Investment (illustrative)

Foreign Investment is permitted in India in the following different activities with the caps indicated therein:

Automatic route specified activities subject to sectoral cap and conditions (if any)
1. Airports Greenfield

2. Air-transport services - scheduled Non resident Indians

3. Air-transport services - non scheduled / chartered and cargo airlines Non resident Indians

4. Air transport services - (others Helicopter services / separate services specified)
5. Alcohol distillation and brewing 100%
6. Banking (private sector) 74% / 100%
7. Civil Aviation Services Ground Handling Services Non resident Indians

Maintenance and repair organisations, flying training institutes and technical training institutions 100%
Coal and lignite mining (specified) 100%
Coffee, rubber processing and warehousing 100%
Construction development projects (specified) 100%
Drugs and Pharmaceuticals (including those involving use of recombinant DNA technology) 100%
Floriculture, horticulture, development of seeds, animal husbandry, pisciculture, aqua culture, cultivation of vegetables and mushrooms (specified and services) related to agro and allied sectors 100%
Hazardous chemicals (specified) 100%
Industrial explosives manufacture 100%
Industrial parks 100%
Insurance 26%
Mining covering exploration and mining of diamonds and precious stones, gold, silver and minerals 100%
Non banking finance companies (specified) (specified) 100%
Petroleum and Natural Gas Refining (private companies)
Other specified areas

Power including generation (except atomic energy), transmissions, distribution and Power Trading 100%
Special Economic Zones (setting up of zones and setting up of units in these zones) 100%
Telecommunication Basic / Cellular services unified access services, value added and other specified services
ISP with gateways, radio paging end to end bandwidth
ISP without gateway
Infrastructure provider (specified), electronic mail and voice mail
Manufacture of telecom equipment

Trading Wholesale / cash and carry
Trading for exports
Prior approval from FIPB where investment is above sectoral cap for activities listed below:
Existing airports beyond 74% upto 100%
Asset reconstruction companies 49%
Broadcasting FM Radio
Cable network
Director-to-home (DTH)
Setting up hardware facilities
Uplinking a news and current affairs TV channel
Uplining of non news and current affairs TV channel
Cigar and Cigarette manufacture 100%
Commodity Exchanges 49%
Courier services other than those under the ambit of Indian Post Office Act, 1898 100%
Credit Information Companies 49%
Defense production 26%
Investment companies in infrastructure / services sector (except telecom) 100%
Mining and mineral separation of titanium bearing minerals and ores, its value addition and integrated activities 100%
Petroleum and Natural Gas - Refining (PSU) 49%
Print Media Publishing of newspaper and periodicals dealing with news current affairs
Public of scientific magazines / specialty journals / periodicals
Satellite Establishments and Operation 74%
Tea Sector - including tea plantation 100%
Telecommunication Basic / cellular services unified access services, value added and other specified services beyond 49% upto 74%
ISP with gateways, radio paging, end to end bandwidth beyond 49% upto 74%
ISP without gateway, infrastructure provider (specified) electronic mail and voice mail beyond 49% upto 100%
Trading Trading of items sources from Small Scale sector 100%
Test marketing of such items for which a company has approval for manufacture 100%
Single brand product retailing 51%
Prohibited list (No FDI is permissible in the following activites)
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