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FAQ on SEZ Policy

What is a Special Economic Zone ?
Who can set up SEZs?
Can Foreign Companies set up SEZs ?
How can one apply for setting up of SEZs ?
How can one apply for setting up of SEZs ?
What is role of State Governments?
What are the facilities Incentive/ Facilities to SEZ Developer ?
How to set up a unit in SEZ ?
What is the approval mechanism for the units ?
What is the obligation of the Unit under the Scheme?
What are the incentive/facilities available for SEZ units?
Whether SEZs have been exempted from Labour laws?
What are the facilities for Domestic suppliers to Special Economic Zone
Who monitor the functioning of the units in SEZ ?
Are SEZ's controlled by Government ?
What are the special features if we come to the zone?
What about the Licenses for Imports?
If one buy goods from DTA should they require to pay State Sales Tax and Excise?
What is the practical role of Development Commissioner?
Routine examination of goods by customs in the EOU is common. Will the same practice continue at the SEZ?
What are the provisions relating to External Commercial Borrowing (ECB) in SEZ ?
Will it be possible to supply to other units in SEZ?

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