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About Single Window Facilitation
At present, investors setting up industrial projects have to obtain following pre-project clearances:-

State Level Statutory Clearances

Local Body Clearance

  • Planning permission.
  • Fire service clearance.
  • Environmental clearance from Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board.
  • Registration with Inspector of Factories under Factories Act.
  • Registration under Boilers Act (if boilers used).
  • Safety Certificate from Chief Electrical Inspector.

Infrastructure Support

  • Application for Land allotment in Industrial parks.
  • Application for Water supply.
  • Application for Power supply.

To get the clearances / infrastructure support, investors normally need to contact concerned individual statutory authorities/agencies for getting clearances/infrastructure support and they need to use different forms prescribed by the concerned authorities. This may result in considerable delays and frustration on the part of investors. To avoid such procedural delays, Government of Tamil Nadu has established an effective Single Window System to accord all such pre project clearances at the State Government level.
Single Window Facilitation Form
Govt. of Tamil Nadu has introduced a Common Application Form which need to be filled & filed (Online Application) by investors with Documentation & Clearance Center (DCC) in Guidance Bureau. Copy of this form is also available for downloading.

Online forms, give the user the option to track the status of the application form and will also enable the Guidance Bureau in sharing the information with other departments and get the necessary clearances in a shorter duration.

Guidance Bureau will receive the common application form duly filled in from the investors and liaise with different agencies to get speedy clearance. Guidance will place before the SIPB and PAA all such applications received from investors.

The Government have now enacted a Business Facilitation Act to empower the Single Window approval process.

For further information, please get in touch with:
Executive Vice Chairperson,
Tamil Nadu Industrial Guidance & Export Promotion Bureau,
Govt. of Tamil Nadu
Phone: +91-44-2855 3856, +91-44-2855 3867
Fax: +91-44-2858 8364
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