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Along with the main Single Window form (13 pages), please enclose following other documents:
  • DTCP: Land allotment letter from SIPCOT / documents of site ownership.
  • Building Plan with a certificate from accredited Architect certifying that the building conforms to the building plan rules of Tamil Nadu.
  • Sketch for drawings
    • For civil drawings : 1: 100 scale
    • For Topo plans : 1: 400 scale
  • Seizmic Certificate and Stability Certificate from accredited Architect.
  • If the ridge height of the project is 14.9 Metres, then an undertaking from the Architect (in Rs.20 stamp paper) that the height of the building will not exceed 14.9 Metres.
  • Chief Electrical Inspectorate
    • Schematic & sectional drawings signed by the Electrical Contractor.
    • Site plan.
    • Transformer Structure, Sub Station, Power House Layout.
    • Single Line Electrical Schematic Layouts for Transformer, generator, switch boards, etc.
    • Physical layouts of factory showing location of motors, switchboards, etc.
    • Name, address, telephone number of Chairman / Managing Director / Directors and Authorised signatory with a copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Fire and Rescue Services
    • One separate fire drawing of whole site without scale (but mention area).
    • Separate colour code should be indicated to Hydrants, Sprinklers, Smoke detectors and extinguishers.
    • Mention Nos. of Hydrants, sprinkler heads, detectors and extinguishers.
  • Inspectorate of Factories
    • Signature of Occupier should be obtained in all the drawings.
    • A write up on labour welfare and labour safety measures.
    • Detailed information needs to be given if the project involves use of hazardous / inflammable chemicals.
    • Sufficient number of exits (at a travel distance of not more than 30 metre from the work spot must be provided).
    • Plans of mezzanine floor Office.
    • Plan of location of the machineries should be provided in 1:100 scale.
    • Installation details pertaining to compressor and utility pump and cooling tower.
    • E.O.T. Cranes should be provided with the safety provisions as prescribed in the rule 55A (4A) of the Tamil Nadu Factories Rules, 1950.
    • Canteen as per the standards prescribed in the rules 65 & 66 of the Tamil Nadu Factories Rules, 1950.
    • The detailed plan of the store shed and location of the same.
  • Form I & II for environmental clearance (specimen form attached). However, investor is advised to purchase a printed version from Tamil Nadu Pollution Board, 76, Anna Salai, Guindy, Chennai 6000 032.
  • TNPCB:
    • Form I & II for environmental clearance - investors are advised to purchase a printed version from Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board, 76, Anna Salai, Guindy, Chennai 600 032.
    • EIA Study report (for projects which require EIA Study as per Environment policy).
  • TNEB: Details of
    • Resolution of Board meeting for authentication to sign the EB application with the specimen signature attested by a Director whose name should be available in MoA.
    • Site plan with marking of metering point with security arrangement.
    • An undertaking that (i) the company agrees to provide the metering point as per Board norms (within 30 mtrs of main gate) and that (ii) the company agree to abide by the terms & conditions of power supply.
  • Single window Fee

    Projects Single Window fee
    Projects with investment between Rs.10 – 50 Crores Rs.3,00,000/-
    Projects with investment between Rs.50 – 100 Crores Rs.5,00,000/-
    Projects with investment between Rs.100 - 300 Crores Rs.10,00,000/-
    Projects with investment between Rs.300 – 1000 Crores Rs.15,00,000/-
    Projects with investment above Rs.1000 Crores Rs.20,00,000/-

    The above may be drawn in favour of "DIRECTOR - GUIDANCE BUREAU". Cheque can be given, if the project is Chennai based and DD in case, the project promoter is situated outside Chennai.
  • The Declaration and Legal Undertaking forming part of the Common application form should be signed and office seal affixed.
  • 12 copies of the Common application and related annexures should be submitted for circulation to all the statutory agencies / utility providing agencies.

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