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Virudhunagar is a city and a municipality in Virudhunagar district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.In the beginning of 20th century A.D., Virudhupatti was one among the six important places of Ramanathapuram District. Due to the rapid growth in the field of Trade and Education, it was renamed as 'Virudhunagar' on 29th October 1923. The term 'Virudhu' means 'Award' in Tamil. Virudhunagar is very famous for business.[citation needed] Virudhunagar does not Produce anything but Export everything. It is a business hub like Singapoore. All agriculture products like chilli,sesame are brought to Virudhunagar to sell and all buyers come to Virudhunagar to buy. Thus, got a saying "Virudhunagar does not produce anything but Export everything." Former chief minister of Madras Province and president of the Indian National Congress K. Kamarajar was born here.

Virudhunagar assembly constituency is part of Virudhunagar (Lok Sabha constituency).

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