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Erode was under the regime of local Gangakulam kings forming indegenous Chera kings and Western Ganga Dynasty. After a short rule of Cholas with Dharapuram as their Headquarters, Muslims (Modeen Sulthans) took over the rule after which Nayaks of Madurai ruled.

Hyder Ali's Regime Then Hyder Ali and Tippu Sultan, with occasionally rebelling polygar Dheeran Chinnamalai had their sway. In 1799, when Tippu Sultan lost to the British, the East India Company took over the administration after hanging Dheeran Chinnamalai.

During Hyder Ali's regime, Erode flourished with 300 houses and a population of 1500[citation needed]. A mud fort, with a garrison of 4000 soldiers surrounded by coconut groves and fertile lands formed the boundary with river Kaveri on the north and Kalingarayanpalayam channel as the eastward boundary (By Bucchanan 7th and 8 November 1800).

Owing to the successive wars of Marathas, Mysore and British invasions, Erode almost was deserted and ruined. However, as peace was restored by the British, people returned and settled here. Within a year it began to show growth.

The garrison withdrew in 1807, and the ruined fort at the centre of the city was leveled as a relief work during the famine of 1877. The place enclosed within the rampart was occupied by houses.

Nayakar's Rule Due to in-fighting in the Pandian Kingdom, the Muslim rulers from Delhi interfered and thus the area fell into the hands of Madurai Sultanate. This region was later wrested by Vijaya Nagar rulers after over throwing the Madurai Sultanate. For a few years, the area remained under Vijaya Nagar rule and later under the independent control of Madurai Nayakas. The rule of Muttu Virappa Nayak and later that of Thirumalai Nayak were marked by internal strife and intermittent wars which ruined the Kingdom. As a result of this, the Kongu region in which the present Erode District is situated, fell into the hands of the Mysore rulers from whom Hyder Ali took over the area. Later, consequent of the fall of Tippu Sultan of Mysore in 1799, the Kongu region came to be ceded to the East India Company by the Maharaja of Mysore who was restored to power by the company after defeating Tippu Sultan. From then, till 1947 when India attained independence, the area remained under British control who initiated systematic revenue administration in the area.
It is situated on the banks of the river Kaveri, which drives through the city, between 121 19.5" and 11 81.05" North latitude and 77 42.5" and 77 44.5" East longitude.

The city lies in the Industrial valley chain, formed with the cities of Salem, Namakkal, Erode, Karur, Tirupur, Coimbatore & Pollachi, each separated at an average distance of 55 km from one another.

Located 55 km from Salem, Namakkal, Tirupur, Karur, Sathy and Mettur. (The City is Located at the Centre point of all these places).

The River Bhavani flowing from Bhavanisagar enters the city to reach Kaveri at Bhavani Mukkudal(Tiriveni Sangamam), at the Northern part of the city.

And National Highways (NH 47) drives through the City and its Bye-pass splits the city into Erode and Bhavani, which acts as a Bye-pass for both of the Twin Cities (Erode & Bhavani).

Erode Municipality was constituted in 1871. It has been upgraded from Selection Grade Municipality to Special Grade Municipality with effect from 01.03.1980 as per G.O.Ms.No.349 R.D. & L.A., dated 27.02.1980 and upgraded as Corporation from 1.1.2008.

Erode has been upgraded into a City corporation by Tamilnadu Government from 01.01.2008, as of Thandhai Periyar's Long-term Dream comes true.

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